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«Two Ears & the Tail» (*) for Derek Delgaudio


Great job Derek Delgaudio, THIS IS A REAL LECTURE!!!, not just another Tupperware party!

Does anyone remember when magic lectures weren’t like Tupperware parties, meaning, when they weren’t just an exhibition of articles you could buy after? … it is true that there has always been a bit of everything but, without a doubt, nowadays it is a fact that Tuppermagic parties are more abundant than authentic lectures. However, if you enjoy Tuppermagic, of course, you have the right to do what pleases you by attending those meetings.


Derek Delgaudio's lecture inValencia (Spain)

Yesterday, however, Derek Delgaudio, in his lecture, made me enjoy myself simply because it really was it, it was a lecture! They had told me about his precise technique, his shuffles, his deals, they had assured me I wouldn’t believe it and, certainly, I couldn’t believe it.

It wasn’t because of the alien-like technical perfection which, itself, is already a show, but I couldn’t believe it because, unlike it sometimes occurs, he knows how to use it to get amazing effects. Yesterday it was one of those days in which there is an environment of illusion and excitement in the room that you could feel: everyone was stuck to their chair until the end and then, real applause and not the typical fake ones you only do for common courtesy.

Helder Guimaraes should have been lecturing along with Derek but, because of scheduling problems, he couldn’t do it. It’s a shame because I’m sure that the friendly and professional relationship between these great magicians is going to bring us lots of fructuous fruits to the magic community; we will enjoy this due in some other occasion.

I demanded the «two ears and the tail» (*) («dos orejas y el rabo») but, as we were missing a bull, I was satisfied by offering him grouper belly paella. By the way, we also enjoyed the presence of the New-Yorker magician Bill Kalush (Conjuring Arts Research Center) and Javi Santos (Great Award in Valencia 2008) who was key to organize this lecture.

(*) In bullfighting, «two ears and the tail» is the most popular and highest award given to a torero (bullfighter) after a spectacular job. In Spain, this expression is sometimes used to express the great job someone has done as, in this case, Derek Delgaudio in his conference.


Derek Delgaudio & Pepe Monfort cooking the paella

The dinner after the lecture


I desired that my son told me one day he wanted to learn magic so much that I never mentioned it to him. I thought that, if I did it, it could turn back against me because of the generational disagreement, so I shut up. Time passed by and, a few years ago, Jaime had to decide how he wanted to direct his Baccalaureate studies to begin to focus on his professional future. One day he looked at me with a serious expression to tell me: «Pare, vull ser actor, i m’agradaria ser un pallasso» («Daddy, I wanna be an actor, and I’d like to be a clown»).


Today I’ve entered his Youtube channel and I’ve seen a recording he uploaded months ago in which he was about 7 years old. He was alone in his room and, using a plastic toy camera which Alfredo Blasco (magician MMM) from China, he filmed himself playing the Matrix soundtrack in the background, making playback, and portraying simultaneously Neo and agent Smith, what a laugh!

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube
I can see that, from then, he’s uploaded many more micro-videos from which I ended up deducing that he really enjoys doing theatre, making short films… that is to say that he is an enthusiast for Performing Arts. This makes me very happy because, it is more important than to be successful to find out that one has a passion, to live it deeply, as soon as possible and without ceremony. Us magicians know this very well. 

Now he’s on holiday until September, when he’ll start to study Theatre in some University. He wants to be an actor, not a magician, but, the other day, he approached me with a deck of cards and, surprisingly, he performed a couple of effects for me.

He had stolen my Canuto (an excellent magic book) from my library… what a clown this scamp!


Some time they’ve called me a freak for devoting myself so much to resolve some themes and other matters clearly unimportant. Stuff like «will it be best to take this card from here or would it be better to do it from two millimeters higher up?», to devote myself to study «the psychology of palming”, etc.

Dr. Hofzinser

This weekend I was in La Barranca, analyzing the creations of our admired Hofzinser, a Treasury department employee in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire who, first and foremost, was a magician. We’ve been moved with his ingenuity and astuteness in the resolution of his surprising magical effects. What a star master Hofzinser was!

Ronald Wohl‘s exposition about the adventures of intrepid swindlers like Titanic Thompson and Yellow Kid Weil had us all astonished. They were such pleasant swindlers! I admit that, for a moment I felt the impulse to take my first steps in the AVE (Spanish high velocity train) on my way back to Valencia but, actually more unfortunately than luckily, I contained myself. (By the way Ron, what a fright you gave us with the cup!

I had the opportunity to expose my point of view about the training of magicians considering the communication media we have at our disposal and, in particular, the internet web. All that is reflected in the project I have up my sleeves right now, Magic Agora and, if I was excited before, with the critics, suggestions, and opinions which came up in the debate, now I am much more so.

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Generally, people are convinced that magic is an innocent and happy art, that when someone finds a magician, getting a coin taken out of your ear,  seeing him making you a poodle-shaped balloon or watching how they guess your card are the expected things. Well, this belief is totally false and, when one gets into the magic world, sooner or later they will meet horrific magicians. Yesterday, «conde Orlock» (count Orlock), a magician of high rank lineage, invited the «La Cuchara Mágica» (The Magic Spoon) magicians to a brotherhood dinner. Spiders, bull bollocks, cat bollocks, bloody witch fingers, duck legs, everything nastily mortal.
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The magician Gurrea is a strange case. Being the National champion in Spain in the Jaca Convention of 1978, he holds a record of performances on local TV channels in Valencia (Spain). His Olympic act was memorable and it is still remembered among the magicians who were lucky to see it. This is exceptional, not strange; the strange thing is that, despite the years which have passed, Gurrea keeps acting with more excitement than that of a young beginner. This is already a bit more strange but there is more to this.

Gurrea & Armando Lucero at Gurrea's home

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