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You have two options when you subscribe to the contents of

The traditional one is through an email newsletter. And the most innovative the one we recomend, is the news aggregator, which will notify you when we publish new content.

Email newsletter.

If you choose to subscribe through this option, you will receive a daily email with the contents published in the lastest 24 hours, only if there are news.

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RSS news aggregator

A news aggregator is an application or Web service to subscribe to the contents of a blog to keep you updated, avoiding the need to visit periodically this page to see if there’s any new content

Feeds are blog’s versions ready to be read in a news aggregator. provides you full content through this technology. In two formats, RSS and Atom (equally valid), and the chance to subscribe to the blog content in its full version or by category, if you are only some of the content:
Main Feed: RSS / Atom

They are especially recommended those web-based aggregators like Google Reader or Bloglines, letting you access your subscriptions from any computer with internet connection. But you can also go for desktop applications like Firefox Live Bookmarks (multiplatform), Newsgator for Outlook (Windows), FeedDemon (Windows) or NetNewsWire (Mac), Akregator (Linux).

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